The All new
2022 Overland S

An electric adventure sport vehicle with up to 80 miles of range.

Where will you go this weekend?

The Overland S is the Overland Series Base Model. Build your bike around how and where you'll ride!


The bike of choice for storm troopers

I want this one

Options, Options, Options

Frame And Body

All frames are powder coated in Granite Black and Umbra Gray allowing a unique contrast with each section. With 6 color choices for the top and bottom panels, there are options for everyone.


The S model comes standard with a single 50ah battery allowing for up to 40-45 miles of range. Add the optional second battery to double your distance.


Change out the tires from dual sport to off-road. Add an alarm, rear rack or front rack. Throw on a tail box or tow a trailer out to your favorite remote camping spot. Make this ride fit your style, vibe and outdoor needs.

Legal Stuff

These are not E-Bikes. You need to respect them as motorcycles. As such, upkeep and maintenance may be required. With the higher speeds that our bikes reach, vibration is likely to occur and cause, like a motorcycle or moped, the need to twist a wrench or check an occasional connection. 

Please do not purchase the Overland if you are afraid to get your hands dirty and maintain the bike properly.

"The average man don’t
like trouble and danger"

-Mark Twain

Detailed Specs


VIN Moped Class

3 Speed Modes (18mph/30mph/40+mph)

Vintage Moped Style Steel Frame (Made in the USA)

Triple-Tree Handle Bar Mounts with Moped Style Front Forks

17 x 2.75 Front Tires

17 x 3.0 Rear Tires

Maximum Load : 325lbs

Motorcycle quality Rear & Front Hydraulic

Power & Electrical

Bright LCD Display

Standard 3kWh Battery

3000w Nominal / 6000w Peak Motor

Sabvoton 150amp Controller

Battery Life - 1000 cycles

DOT Approved Vintage Motorcycle Style Headlight w/ High and Low Beams

DOT Approved Turn Signals

DOT Approved Integrated Brake Light

Key Features

On/Off Key Switch

Full-Twist Motorcycle Throttle

80-90 Miles range varies by rider type

350 lbs Load Capacity

200 lbs Towing Capacity

2 Persons Capacity (long seat)

Personalized Customizations

Aluminum Body

Multiple Panel Options