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A brand ambassador is like a bridge to the brand for the public, an advocate, and a positive presence online.

Ambassador expectations:

  • Add @huckcycles ambassador to your Instagram or social bio
  • Add to your IG bio link
  • Post and tag @huckcycles and #huckyeah on Instagram or social with messaging about sustainability and your discount code during non-sale periods
  • Help drive awareness to Huck's promotions, product launches and ongoing initiatives
  • Join the Huck Social groups (FB, Reddit, etc) to connect and engage with current and prospective Huck owners

Benefits of being in our official Wolfpack:

  • Get early access to sales, exclusive discount codes, earn free product, and more
  • Make money for every sale you refer with your exclusive discount code
    • For each purchase made with your discount code, you will be paid a commission of the net sales at the end of every month
    • Alternatively, you may choose to receive a store credit as sales commission towards more Huck products
  • Exclusive access to the Huck Ambassadors Network
  • The opportunity to be featured on our social & website
  • Inclusion in exclusive Huck ambassador contests and giveaways
  • Rep & be repped by a brand that is doing right by the planet
  • Make friends! You're part of our family now.

What are my options?

  • Ambassador: An approved individual in a particular geography that will refer consumers for purchase via an Ambassador code and receive a commission.  An ambassador may also help answer community questions and even assist in maintenance / repair.  An approved Ambassador can receive a discount on Huck Products in addition to a commission.
  • Influencer: An approved Influencer will promote Huck to their followers in return for a commission.  An approved Ambassador can receive a discount on products.  Influencers with followers > 1m can engage in strategic conversations around bike models and upgrades.
  • Affiliates:  Any approved on-line / physical retail store that will promote / sell Huck Bikes but not take physical inventory will be eligible to receive a commission on qualified sales. 

Do you have what it takes to be an ambassador for our brand? If you think so, please fill out the form below.


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