The Huck Cycles 2021 Lineup

Electrified Rides Made with Pride

American Made

by hand in North Carolina

be part of something special

We build bikes for people who care about craftsmanship and believe made-by-hand in America should mean something.

The Overland

The Adventure vehicle for those who expect their ride to go where-ever they want it to go.

Starting at $3200 with a max speed of 25-40 MPH and range of up to 60 miles.

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THE rebel

The closest thing to a moped that you can get in the electric bike space. Starting at $4200 with a max speed of 35-40 MPH and range of up to 60 miles!

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The Stinger

Freedom with wheels! Power and speed at the twist of your wrist. This is not the old clunker moped that your buddy rides.

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Introducing the Fury

Full on Electric Screaming Machine

Keep The wind out of your hair

Known to deflect the wind, rain and the occasion Electric Scooter

I'm Batman

Should you ever need to chase down the occasional bad guy, this little set up is guaranteed to increase your speed up to speed of sound levels. Promise.

Defender Fender

No one wants muck on them on the daily ride. Get this dope fender to keep you dry and looking cool. 60% of the time, it works every time.

Please check with your local laws regarding the legal limits and requirements for Mopeds.

Bikes will ship with a VIN plate and Certificate of Origin to allow for proper registration and insurability as a moped. VIN Process requires submission to NHTSA for approval and can take up to 60 days. We submit your VIN within 24hrs of purchase.

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Legal Stuff

This bike should be registered as a moped if the rider intends to use on the road. When operating the bike at high speeds we recommend wearing the proper protective gear and obeying proper laws and regulations. It is also recommended that unless registered, the Stinger should only be ridden on private property and roads.

Do *not* try this at home

No trophy, no flowers, no flashbulbs, no wine He's haunted by something he cannot define