Build Your Own Ride

Build Your Own Ride


Come in, build your bike and leave that day with your dream ride! I want to do this! 

 Right on. So, first you need to purchase a bike and at checkout select "Build Your Bike Saturday" from the shipping section. Then, contact us on the form below to schedule your build date. We only allow 2 builds per Saturday.



STEP 01: Tour


You'll start out with a quick tour, an overview of the shop and the tools you'll be using and then a rundown of the frame and all the components available for you.


STEP 02: ROller


With the support of one of our technicians, you'll begin building a roller. This is all the hard body components, like wheels, handlebars, forks, etc. Once your roller is complete we will break for lunch - pizza and wings will be provided.


STEP 03: Electrical


You will be partnered with one of our electrical techs to tackle the 12v system, wiring all your lights and connecting your controller.


STEP 04: Lunch


The Huck Team provides lunch, beers and soda for the shop.


STEP 05: Programming


With the help our our lead techs, you will program the bike to met your own personal needs. This includes speed, torque, range, regen, etc.


STEP 06: Programming


The best part of the day. Now it's time to ride and ensure the bike meets the quality standards we both have for your rad new electrified ride. If we have time we will do a group ride of about 10 miles.


STEP 07: Wrap


Time to wrap up the final details, clean her and load her up on your vehicle.


STEP 08: Load Up


Let's load your new ride into your vehicle so you can take it home and show off to all your friends!


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