Interested Dealers

THank you

We cannot overstate just how much it means to us that you are interested in our brand. We’ve had incredible growth in the last 24 months and have risen to be one of the premier brands in the market. We would not have been able to achieve this success without the strong support of our partners, dealers, suppliers and customers.

Interested in becomming a Dealer?

Why Huck?

Impact 1

An investment in American manufacturing. Leveraging North Carolina's skilled craftsman to bring manufacturing to the South.

Impact 2

A focus on clean energy is a focus on the future of a healthier planet. Increasing pressure from consumers, enterprises and governments is driving positive change which we are proud to be part of.

Impact 3

Demand has increased for alternate modes of transportation both within major cities and rural markets. Huck continues to be a leader in this evolution.

Objective 1

Provide Service Centers in key geographic locations to support existing and growing customer base.

Objective 2

Leverage our position as a leader in the market to maximize our consumer, enterprise, fleet and rental channel sales via strategic dealer partners.

Objective 3

Increase our ability to focus on building our brand and marketing presence by shifting sales and service to dealers vs direct-to-consumer.

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