Advanced Personal Mobility PLatform

Military, Police & Security

Huck Cycles offers customizable electric mopeds and motorcycles with options to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications. With the ability to ride both on and off road, our electric motorbikes offer serious advantages over internal combustion driven machines. 

Covert Advantage

Nearly invisible, our all electric rides prodduce no mechanical or running noise, no exhaust smells andproduces minimal heat signatures.

  • Instant torque for on or off-road use
  • 40 Cents per 40 miles
  • Maintenance-free powertrain w/ 1000 charge power pack
  • Regenerative braking

Electric Advantage

With no need to manage a clutch and shifter, riders can focus on patrolling. While in crowds, outdoors on patrol or in an indoor environment, the absence of a cobustion engine eliminates exhaust fumes and smells and opens up new patrolling opportunities.

  • Patrolling: streets, beaches, dirt trails, greenways, local and state parks
  • Crowd Safety & Control: concerts, parades, sporting events
  • Stealth: drug enforcement, burglary, security, campus environments
  • Security: corporate, campus, sports, entertainment

Tactical Advantage

  • Extremely lightweight for greater maneuverability and immediate acceleration
  • Ride without needing to shift
  • Silently ride with the advantage of surprise
  • Ride indoors or in close confines without the noise or fumes of combustion
  • Silent, Powerful, Fast, Low Heat Signature

Use Scenarios

  • Search & Rescue
  • Border & Perimeter Patrol
  • Crowd & Event Control
  • Greenway Deployment
  • Recon

Origin Advantage

  • USA - all hard chassis components Frame, Seats, Tanks, Panels, Electrical and full Assembly.
  • USA- Motor and Controller
  • Canada - Controller and Display
  • Germany - Battery
  • Taiwan - Shocks and Forks
  • Partnerships - Somewear Labs, Linear Labs

Why Huck

  • 100% electric moped-class motorbikes
  • Designed and built by veterans in USA (North Carolina)
  • Ability to rapidly customize & produce
  • Founded in 2019 by an Army veteran
  • Shipped nearly 1,000 bikes worldwide
  • Commitment to domestic sourcing and assembly
Government Customers may purchase Now on GSA


Product Comparison

The Overland is an aluminum Frame Mini Bike Style Frame.

The Stinger is a steel tube dual sport style frame.






Mode 1 - 20 MPH

Mode 2 - 30 MPH

Mode 3 - 45 MPH

@20 MPH 100-120 Miles

@40 MPH 80 Miles

@45 MPH 65 Miles

30"-32" Seat Height

200lbs Weight

400 Payload


Mode 1 - 20 MPH

Mode 2 - 30 MPH

Mode 3 - 55 MPH

@20 MPH 100-120 Miles

@40 MPH 70-80 Miles

@55 MPH 45-50 Miles

30"-32" Seat Height

200lbs Weight

400 Payload

Federal Government Programs

General Services Administration (GSA)

Huck Cycles are available for purchase through the U.S. General Services Administration, GSA Advantage Program via our Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business partners:


MacGyver Solutions, Inc

Contract # 47QSMA18D08QH

Mike Jackson / 919-578-7246


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