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RideApart: The Huck Rebel Is A Cool Electric Moped Scrambler

RideApart: The Huck Rebel Is A Cool Electric Moped Scrambler

Back in the day, scramblers weren’t the stylish bikes hipsters today love (I’m one of those hipsters). Neither were they powerful machines retailing for north of $10,000. Scramblers embodied the literal freedom stood for by motorcycles. Usually starting life as street bikes, scramblers were made to be capable off-road as well, by way of knobby tires and suspension extensions. Most of the time these bikes had engines smaller than 300cc, and were by no means speed machines. 

The scramblers of today are equally good in their own right, and in many different ways. Apart from looking the absolute bomb, they sometimes feature technology that’s not what you’d commonly think of when it comes to scramblers—lean sensitive ABS, traction control, and the like. One full fledged American company however, is giving the very essence of the scrambler a renaissance in the electric motorcycle world

Huck Cycles believes that the journey is just as important as the destination.

All of their electric mopeds were styled after the bikes during the dawn of the scrambler craze and are pretty decently equipped for a fun time off-road. One model in particular is the Huck Rebel—an all electric moped featuring 18 inch knobby tires and an electric motor capable of propelling it to a top speed of 50 miles per hour. Oh, they’re perfectly street legal as well. 

Huck Cycles also offers a ton of customizability for their customers. They work with their customers in choosing bespoke color options for their mopeds and whatever other cool features they’d like included in their bike. They pride themselves at keeping a rather small operation. Targeting around 10 bikes per month, Huck Cycles truly puts customer satisfaction as its first priority. 

The Huck Cycle website states that, “Our bikes are collaboratively designed with our customers and made to order, allowing our customers to select custom paint colors and designs for everything from the style of handlebar, the molded fiberglass “tank” to the leather upholstery and stitching color on the seat.”

The Huck Rebel’s battery can be chosen from two options: the standard which is a 52v 30ah and an upgraded version which is a 60v 30ah option. The standard offers a mileage of 40 miles on a single charge, whereas the upgraded version bumps that up to 45 miles. Huck Cycle’s mopeds are pretty much made to order machines, as such retail pricing isn’t as clear cut and may vary depending on what options you choose. Generally they go for anywhere between $3,000 to $3,600. Feel free to drop by their website to check out all the options available. 

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