Built for those with professional level personal vehicle needs.


Created specifically for delivery, transport and next level utility, the ARC is highly adaptable and capable of hauling gear on your next adventure.

World Traveler

over and out

With a fully bolted together frame, the bike can be completely torn down in under 4hrs, packed up in a box and shipped to any remote location in the world.

-Upgraded rear suspension
-Front and Rear racks
-Dual Battery Standard
-Custom Panels
-Dual Sport Tires
-Tow Hitch

Detailed Specs


VIN Moped Class

3 Speed Modes (18mph/30mph/40+mph)

Vintage Moped Style Steel Frame (Made in the USA)

Triple-Tree Handle Bar Mounts with Moped Style Front Forks

17 x 2.75 Front Tires

17 x 3.0 Rear Tires

Maximum Load : 325lbs

Motorcycle Quality Rear & Front Hydraulic

Power & Electrical

Bright LCD Display

Dual 3kWh Batteries

3000w Nominal / 6000w Peak Motor

Sabvoton 150amp Controller

Battery Life - 1000 cycles

DOT Approved Vintage Motorcycle Style Headlight w/ High and Low Beams

DOT Approved Turn Signals

DOT Approved Integrated Brake Light

Key Features

On/Off Key Switch

Full-Twist Motorcycle Throttle

80-90 Miles (range varies by rider type)

350 lbs Load Capacity

200 lbs Towing Capacity

2 Persons Capacity (long seat)

Personalized Customizations

Aluminum Body


modular additions


Key Features

Sport Suspension

Clocked in and ready for work. The rear shocks on the AT and ARC are upgraded and tuned for heavier loads, hauling and more rugged terrain.

Mounting points everywhere

We've added a number of additional, structural mounting points to the frame in this years model. Allowing riders to "bolt on" just about anything they can think of to the frame.

Foot Peg Mounting

Adjustability is a key feature with the 2022 Overland and it starts with the foot peg mount. Riders can move the pegs forwards and backwards to meet their riding preferences.

overland owners

Love my Overland. Best in the Huck line up.

Amos M.

This is one badass bike. Can't wait to upgrade to the newest model.

Annie A.