Book Virtual Service

Currently available via remote video chat and participating Dealers.

Service Call

Schedule time with our team to have a virtual video conversation about your bike to diagnose and solve issue you might be experiencing.

If your bike is under warranty and the issue is determined to be due to a warrantied component, the service fee will be refund immediately following your appointment.

Duration:30 minutes

This bike should be registered as a moped if the rider intends to ride on the road. When operating the bike, on road or off road, we recommend wearing the proper protective gear and obeying proper laws and regulations. It is also recommended that unless registered, the Overland should only be ridden on private property and roads.

Please check with your local laws regarding the legal limits and requirements for mopeds.

Please be aware, we do charge a cancellation fee on any cancellation after 48 hrs of purchase. Please see our policy for more details.